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"I regularly produce DJ mixes that end up on major radio platforms. With my weekly deadlines, Timestamps helps me save time and create incredibly accurate tracklists for my clients."
- Joel Cruz

"As a big tracklist nerd, this service has been a godsend. It's a staple for every DJ set I record on the computer now."
- Ramon Pang

"Timestamps has been extremely useful to us for creating a high quality archive of our past radio shows."
- DMJ Sound

"I think this is a really great tool and a godsend for mixes. I’ll be sure to use this down the road."
- Sorsari, vibe.digital Recordings

"Holy s*** man this is glowing brain genius s***. Absolutely brilliant tool."
- KAVERN, Komorebi Audio

"Super easy to use and works perfectly."
- wtrflls

"It's rly handy im using it like a lot lol"
- ddertbag, Eldia Records

"It's an awesome service."
- aged, Eldia Records

"Def gonna be big useful. Good stuff!"
- Curtains